DIY computer wallpapers!

When it comes to desktop wallpapers, I'm very picky about what I like and I find the best way to get a one you love is to make them yourself!
I know that sounds really hard and you think you wouldn't be able to do it, but after searching through many free websites, I finally found canva!

Canva is honestly so simple and easy to use but has great results that you can be proud of! I will take you through a step by step tutorial of how to make some totally fabulous wallpapers!
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First you want to select your dimensions.
When you're on this page,

you wanna click on the 'use custom dimensions' button >>> 

The best dimensions for desktop wallpaper I find is 3410 x 1918 pixels.
After clicking 'design', you'll be faced with a blank page where you can create. If you want, you can insert an image by dragging it off your desktop into the box in the 'uploads' tab;

Then from the uploads tab, you can drag your images on, but I don't want any in this wallpaper. Here's how to do it though (if you want images)...

When I make wallpapers, I like to use the 'elements' tab to create patterns with the 'lines' function, like so:

I like taking 'lines' and enlarging then to cover the canvas to write on the top of.

Often I am not too keen on the colour combos, so by clicking on the colours at the top (you need to click on the design to see them!) I can change them to colours I like! 

Then it might look something like this....

To make my wallpapers extra cute, I like to add a cute quote or phrase so after browsing google and pinterest, I'll often find one! 

I've picked 'happy thoughts' because it's kinda motivational and quite cute! 

Next you want to pick a font by clicking on the 'text' tab on the left and you can either pick one of the pre-made texts and change what they say,

Or click on either 'add heading', 'add subheading' or 'body text'.

For my wallpaper I picked the pre-made font which says 'Savonne- Himalayan salt soap' because I like the font and then changed it to say my text! I think the font name is 'Pingon Script' btw :)

Then I just dragged the top corner to make the font bigger and deleted the text in the bottom part of the text box because Himalayan soap is a bit irrelevant to my wallpaper ngl ;)

Now it should look a bit like this....

Then I'm gonna change the font size etc. until I'm happy with it by clicking on my text box. I had to change the font because it was really hard to read so it's now 'Lobster Two' which is a super cute font btw!
Also I felt like putting a cute arrow or something in so I clicked on the 'elements' tab and then on 'lines'. I picked a cute arrow which  then inserted and changed the colour to black which fits in nicely, and it now looks like this....

I am happy with how it turned out so hey presto! You have your very own wallpaper!
Then click download and enjoy!
If you want my wallpaper, its here! ⬇⬇⬇You can drag and drop it onto your desktop and use it!

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